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West Asia Centre


The West Asia Centre seeks to cover issues, themes and countries of the region which are undergoing rapid political transformation impacting the political and security situation of the region and beyond. The protests by the people of the region against their rulers demanding political and economic reforms and the subsequent fall of some long ruling authoritarian rulers and the rise of Islamists to power has significantly changed the political landscape of the region. The GCC-Iran rivalry, Shia-Sunni conflict, external intervention in the region, the fear of rise of religious radicalism etc have further contributed to aggravate the situation. The Centre is following closely the internal political developments as well as the regional political scenario unfolding in the region.

The historical shifts in the region and domestic political developments will have a significant impact on India’s external environment. As India has huge stakes involved in the region such as energy, trade and safety of Indian community in the region, it has become important for India to watch carefully the developments taking place in its ‘extended neighbourhood.’ These and other related issues are being focused upon by the scholars at the Centre. The Centre continues to hold bilateral dialogues with some leading think tanks in West Asia regularly and contributes in exchanging ideas and perspectives with them.

Current projects being pursued in the Centre are:

  • Linking South and Central and West Asia: Transportation and Energy Cooperation
  • Political transformations in the Arab world and implications for India
  • Regional organisation in Gulf: The Gulf Cooperation Council
  • India-Arab relations and partnership
  • Iran’s domestic and foreign policies
  • India’s Engagement with Iran: Prospects and challenges.


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Modi Redefines India’s Palestine Policy

May 18, 2017

Behind the media hype about India's ‘unwavering support' for the Palestinian cause, there is a subtle but unmistakable shift in its policy towards the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

India-Turkey Relations: Frozen in Time?

May 12, 2017

India-Turkey relations are expected to gradually move in a positive direction based on new found interests and some common grounds.

India-Cyprus Relations: Need for Consistency and Diversity

May 08, 2017

New Delhi should leverage the prospective post-Brexit scenario as well as the enormous goodwill India has enjoyed consistently since Cyprus`s independence, to boost and deepen bilateral trade and investment relations with Nicosia.

India Hyphenates Turkey

April 28, 2017
India Hyphenates Turkey

The timing of its engagements with Armenia and Cyprus is a clear indication that India is hyphenating its relations with Turkey. By simultaneously engaging with his regional adversaries, India is hoping to influence Erdogan’s attention and priorities.

Turkish Referendum: Will it lead to Autocratic Rule?

April 20, 2017

The post-referendum changes in Turkey will have far reaching implications not only for the form of government but also for the long-term future of the republic and adversely affect democratic consolidation.