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Military Affairs


Centre for Military Affairs comprises of a mix of serving officers of the Indian Armed Forces and civilian experts. The Centre adopts an inter-disciplinary approach to various issues that impinge upon India's national security in general and the armed forces in particular. Its research focus is on issues that impact upon national security and capacity-building of the Indian armed forces. Specific areas of focus include, emerging contemporary challenges in warfare, jointness, defence co-operation, maritime security, and military training needs. In addition, the cluster also addresses China- and Pakistan-related issues with bearing on their interface with Indian security. The centre closely interacts with military establishments in India and abroad and contributes to the policy making by conducting research in areas of military significance.

Current focus areas are:

  • Out Of Area Contingency Operations
  • Defence Diplomacy
  • Defence Budget
  • Defence Acquisition and Quality Assurance
  • Transformation of the Indian armed forces
  • Defence Co-operation initiatives by the Armed Forces
  • Uses of Military Power in the Indian-Pakistan Context
  • PLA Modernization and Implications for India
  • Civil-Military Relations
  • Counterinsurgency Operations
  • Higher Defence management
  • Joint Logistics


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China’s White Paper on Asia Pacific Security Cooperation: An Assessment

January 19, 2017

Through this white paper, China has affirmed its regional ambitions and aims to shape the regional security agenda in the Asia Pacific on its stated terms.

The Decline of the Cuban Armed Forces

January 18, 2017

While the Cuban armed forces are but a shadow of their former self with unserviceable equipment and massive reductions in personnel strength, the country still retains combat capabilities far in excess of any of its Caribbean neighbours.

Making it Palatable – Managing Food Supply in the Armed Forces

January 18, 2017

With some innovative thinking, on-line arrangements with suppliers, including the Canteen Stores Department, could reduce the cost of storage and distribution and, more importantly, help in maintaining a high satisfaction level among troops.

China’s Creeping Maritime Assertiveness

January 03, 2017
China’s Creeping Maritime Assertiveness

The Chinese stance towards the December 15, 2016 incident relating to the seizure of USN UUV by PLA Navy has been extraordinarily ambiguous.

The State of the Smaller Latin American Air Forces

December 22, 2016

While the larger air forces are capable of sustaining their existing and future inventories for some time to come, the combat assets available to the region’s smaller air forces are facing a problem of pending obsolescence.