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Geo-strategic Implications of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank

October 31, 2014

The US sees the establishment of the AIIB as an attempt by China to pull South- East Asian countries closer to its orbit and a soft-power play that promises economic benefits while refurbishing its image among its Asian neighbours.

Exchange Rate Variation in Defence Contracts in India

October 31, 2014

This Brief analyses industry demands and reviews existing regulations in IT and defence procurement markets, culminating with suggestions on a possible way forward for reforms that can avoid adverse implications of industry demands, particularly in view of their potential conflict with important policies fostering indigenisation.

Dysfunctional Operating Environment in Defence: The Malaise

October 27, 2014

There is no single agency in MoD to deal with these issues holistically. Generally, matters related to administrative powers are processed separately for each service by the administrative wings concerned with little concern for commonality.

ISIS in Central Asia

October 22, 2014

There is no single factor cited for motivating Central Asians to join ISIS ranks. However, the search for employment and earnings remain the main driver. More than 4 million migrants (Uzbeks, Tajiks and Kyrgyz) engaged in low-paid jobs in Russia are vulnerable to the jihadi network.

Dysfunctional Operating Environment in Defence: The Problem

October 21, 2014

Widespread problems have made the operating environment ‘dysfunctional and inefficient’. Some of this is on account of inscrutable issues like ‘integration of the services with the MoD’ or ‘civil-military relations’ but, in large part, the immediate problem lies with MoD’s inability to resolve more mundane issues.

North East in BCIM-EC: Problems and Prospects

October 17, 2014

Bangladesh, India, China and Myanmar-Economic Corridor (BCIM-EC) is a sub-regional grouping. The North Eastern states have shown keen interest in the BCIM initiative and are exploring ways for boosting cooperation in the services sectors like health, tourism, education, and transport and communication.

India’s Defence Procurement Procedure: Assessing the Case for Review and Reforms

October 17, 2014

This Issue Brief examines certain provisions relating to intellectual property rights and transfer of technology in India’s defence procurement procedures, together with suggestions on streamlining the same for achieving enhanced procurement efficiencies in capital acquisitions.

Can ISIS be degraded and destroyed?

October 17, 2014

With the US determined not to commit troops, the military defeat of ISIS, at present, is therefore neither feasible nor imminent. Neither the so-called retrained Iraqi Army, nor US air power against this powerful and motivated force will be sufficient.

Turkey: ‘Sick Man’ of NATO

Sandhya Jain

October 17, 2014

In the West, there is growing realisation that only boots on the ground can defeat or substantially destroy the Daesh. Unless a ground force capable of taking back the territories seized by the Daesh arrives on the scene, the advantage will lie with the jihadis.

Ceasefire in Ukraine: An Assessment

October 14, 2014

While the ceasefire is a much needed respite yet it does raise two questions: What made the key players arrive at such agreements? Can these deals facilitate the initiation of a political dialogue in Ukraine?

Hong Kong Protests: What it means for the Chinese leadership?

October 10, 2014

Beijing’s desire to manage the political process in Hong Kong stems from the ‘one country two systems’ model whereby it continues to retain its influence. It will not take much time for mainland to see a foreign hand in the islanders’ pro-democracy movements.

Book: The Unfinished War in Afghanistan: 2001-2014

This book makes a modest attempt to contribute to the ongoing debate on future challenges for Afghanistan as the largest ever coalition of Western forces prepares to withdraw. It seeks to examine key political developments within Afghanistan over the last one decade in response to the US-led Western military and political intervention. More [+]

Andaman and Nicobar Islands - India’s Untapped Strategic Assets

The book offers suggestions about ways in which India can leverage the geographical location of the islands, especially the Great Nicobar Island at the western entrance of the Straits of Malacca, to tap the potential of the islands to meet India's commercial and security challenges without sacrificing the environmental concerns. More [+]

8th South Asia Dialogue

Keynote Address by Shri Prakash Javadekar, Minister of State for Information and Broadcasting (Independent Charge) MOS(IC) for Environment, Forest and Climate Change and MOS for Parliamentary Affairs

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Pakistan News Digest: September 2014

The digest seeks to keep its focus on all round strategic developments taking place in Pakistan on a monthly basis. It culls out information and analyses from the Pakistani media— both English and vernacular— and provides a ready reference material for the wider strategic community. More [+]

Journal of Defence Studies: October 2014

The issue features articles on statecraft and intelligence analysis in the Arthashastra, nanotechnology, external dynamics of insurgency in North-East India, and an assessment of India’s position in the Indo-Pacific. It also includes an analysis of the Standing Committee of Defence’s recommendations on the defence budget during the 14th Lok Sabha. Read the issue[+]

Strategic Analysis: September 2014

The Sep-Oct 2014 issue has a mixed flavour of articles ranging from nuclear security to IORA and the Tamil factor in Sri Lanka to the domestic politics of Bangladesh. The issue has some interesting essays on India’s China policy in the 1950s looking at Nehru and Patel’s views. Another essay is based on the working group report on water dispute resolution mechanism under the Strategic Studies Network of the National Defense University, Washington. More [+]

Book: The Other Kashmir: Society, Culture and Politics in the Karakoram Himalayas

The book deals with the historical, cultural, geopolitical, strategic, socio-economic and political perspectives on the entire Karakoram-Himalayan region. It is based on the papers contributed by area specialists and experts from the region. More [+]