Global Consequences of the Trump Presidency

May 26, 2017

President Trump’s victory and his subsequent actions after assuming the presidency seem to indicate the US withdrawal from a leadership role towards a degree of insulation from world affairs.

St. Petersburg Metro Bombing: Al Qaeda Redux

May 25, 2017

The Imam Shamil Battalion has claimed responsibility for the April 3 metro bombing in St. Petersburg and conveyed that the attack was retaliation against Russia’s targeting of jihadis in Syria, Libya and Chechnya.

Portents of France’s International Posture under Emanuel Macron

May 24, 2017

Emanuel Macron is likely to set different trends with regard to policy towards the EU, the Francophone region of Africa, the UN, major powers as well as medium and pivotal countries like India and Japan.

Strategic Partnership Model – formulation of the scheme a big challenge

May 22, 2017

The objective of promoting Indian industry can be achieved in a simpler manner if after selecting the platform to be inducted MoD leaves it to the foreign OEM to tie up with the Indian company of its choice.

Voter’s Dilemma: Data Leaks and Electoral Interventions

May 22, 2017

The DNC and En Marche hacking instances offer a peek into the future: data leaks and cyber means of electoral intervention are likely to become an unfortunate and inevitable part of the electoral process.

Preference for Local Industry in Defence Contracts: What India Can Do

May 22, 2017

The new enabling provision in GFR-2017 provides the MoD a chance to amend its own procurement document and include a provision of production reservation and price preference for domestic industry.

Modi Redefines India’s Palestine Policy

May 18, 2017

Behind the media hype about India's ‘unwavering support' for the Palestinian cause, there is a subtle but unmistakable shift in its policy towards the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The Geopolitics of Gas: Common Problems, Disparate Strategies

This volume looks at the evolving gas market and the various players who influence it -- both as producers and consumers. More details [+]

Journal of Defence Studies - April 2017

This issue contains a timely and informative perspective piece on military change. It also carries two research articles on the use of economic sanctions against Pakistan’s sponsorship of terror and international law against the use of force by terrorists since 9/11. Rounding off the issue are three book reviews. More details [+]

Changed Security Situation in Jammu and Kashmir the Road Ahead

It must be remembered that a strong and stable J&K is an anti-traction thesis for Pakistan and the biggest tribute to the pluralist Indian society and its flourishing democracy. More details [+]

Strategic Analysis - May 2017

The contributions in the current issue draw the attention of readers towards, a doctrinal shift to ocean-centric strategic thinking in China’s Indian Ocean strategy against the backdrop of its naval base development in Djibouti; an analysis of Japan’s foreign policy under Prime Minister Abe; and the key ‘turning points’ in India’s economic development post-independence (1947–1991), among others. More details [+]

CBW Magazine, Summer, July-December 2016

This issue of the CBW Magazine discusses the recently concluded Review Conference. The writers for the issue agree that there is a need to do more with respect to the Biological Weapons Convention and this Review Conference has not been very effective in formulating a future action plan. More details [+]

Africa Trends

This issue includes an array of articles on the expanse of the India-Mauritius security relationship, the implications of the newest UN Security Council Resolution on Libya and the case for adherence to the principles of traditional peacekeeping from an Indian peacekeeper.More details [+]