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Gp Capt Ajey Lele (Retd)

Senior Fellow
+91 11 2671 7983

Joined IDSA

September 2001


Weapons of Mass Destructions with major emphasis on Biological Weapons, Space and National Security, Non Military Threats


PhD, Disarmament Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University; MSc and MPhil (Defence and Strategic Studies), Madras University; MSc (Physics), Pune University

Select Publications

  • Asian Space Race: Rhetoric or Reality? (Springer)
  • Strategic Technologies for the Military: Breaking New Frontiers (SAGE Publication: New Delhi, 2009)
  • Weather and Warfare (IDSA & Lancer Publishers: New Delhi, 2006).
  • Bio-Weapons: The Genie in the Bottle (Lancer Publishers & Distributors, New Delhi, 2004).
  • "Pakistan's Space Capabilities," Air Power, Spring 2005.
  • "China: A Growing Military Space Power," Astropolitics, Spring 2005.
  • "Galileo: EU's Footprint in Space," Indian Defence Review, April-June 2004.

Other Publications