West Asia Watch: Trends and Analysis
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  • West Asia Watch

    The aim of the newsletter is to monitor and apprise the larger community of scholars and students of West Asia as well as Indian policy makers on the latest political, economic and strategic developments in the region and their implications for India through its news reports, analyses and interviews. At a time when India is evolving a new approach towards the region, this venture seeks to generate greater awareness and keener insights for more informed decision making.

    Volume 2, Issue 3, May-June 2019 [DOWNLOAD]

    • Kushner's 'Peace to Prosperity' Plan: An Exercise in Futility? - Lakshmi Priya
    • A Potential Game-Changer in US-Turkey Relations? - Nagapushpa Devendra
    • Guest Column: The EU's Reaction to Tension between the US and Iran - Marianne Aringberg Laanatza