Indian Navy

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  • India’s Future Aircraft Carrier Force and the Need for Strategic Flexibility

    India has long striven for a three carrier fleet comprised of one carrier battle group stationed on each seaboard, and a third carrier held in reserve.

    June 01, 2010

    Changing Roles of Navies in the Contemporary World Order with Specific Reference to the Indian Navy

    As a mature and responsible maritime power, India has a clear self-interest in what happens in her geo-strategic maritime areas of interest. Consequently, the maritime security of India and its environs are central to the functioning of the Indian Navy.

    April 2009

    Aircraft Carriers and India’s Naval Doctrine

    Epic sea battles between aircraft carriers have not recurred after World War II; in the post-war period, most carriers began to retire without even having participated in a battle. Many countries that possessed carriers or were aspiring to get them thus began to re-assess the military-strategic utility of such platforms in the radically altered global geo-strategic environment.

    Summer 2008