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  • The incisive analysis of the vulnerabilities of the Chinese economy presented in this book is supported by a mass of statistics and data. Managing Chaos is a serious work. The book is essential reading for those trying to understand the Chinese economic miracle.

  • Even if solutions are known the Government does not implement them due to lack of political will, resource crunch, turf wars, apathy, and general inertia.

  • The report provides useful documentation on nuclear issues but falls short of making recommendations which would speed up nuclear disarmament. This is not surprising considering that many of the Commissioners are from nuclear armed states or from ones which enjoy the comfort of a nuclear umbrella. Actually, the report may have the unintended impact of strengthening the hawks in nuclear and security establishments as it fails to put enough moral pressure on them to undertake drastic measures to achieve nuclear disarmament.

  • Tellis suggests that India seriously consider the prospective fighter’s technical merit, relative cost, its place in the IAF force structure

  • SD Muni, India’s Foreign Policy: the Democracy Dimension (With Special Reference to Neighbours), Foundation Books, Delhi, 2009, pp. 174. ISBN 978 81 7596 713-7. Price not stated.