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Shruti Pandalai

Associate Fellow
+91 11 2671 7983

Joined IDSA

February 2011


Strategic Perception in International Relations, Media and Strategic Communication, New Media and National Security, India’s neighbourhood relationships, International Relations

Current Projects

New Media and National Security (Impact of Social Media on National Security)
Role of Media and Perceptions in India’s Strategic Relations
Strategic Communication in Governance and Diplomacy


MA International Studies & Diplomacy (International Security, International Relations and South Asia studies) at the Centre of International Studies and Diplomacy (CISD) SOAS, University of London. PG deg Broadcast Journalism, Asian College of Journalism (Chennai), BA Mass Communication & Political Science , St Xavier's College, Kolkata


A media professional understanding India’s policy challenges at IDSA. She has been a Television Journalist - a News Anchor and Senior Correspondent - with TIMES NOW, a 24 hour English News network by the Times of India group, since its inception till 2009. Part of the core editorial team, she tracked both national politics and international affairs.

An academic sabbatical led to her pursuing an MA in International Studies and Diplomacy at SOAS, University of London. Here International Security, Diplomacy, South Asian area studies were key research interests. Her research paper at SOAS investigated "the role of the media as an "agenda setter" in the process of policy formulation and has evolved into a larger project at IDSA. This project looks at the Role of Media and Perceptions in India’s Strategic Thought and Practice. The Rise of New Media and its Impact on National Security is also theme she works on currently. Great power politics, India’s neighbourhood relations and scenario forecasting are her other key research interests.

She has presented papers on her work in international conferences, being part of emerging leaders’ forums, organised by international think tanks like the New America Foundation and The Centre for Policy Research and The India-China Institute, New York.

She is a frequent commentator on strategic issues in both national and international media and contributes to Times of India, Foreign Policy Magazine, Asia Times Online and Reuters (The Expert Zone Blog).

Select Publications:

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