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    • India’s Border Management: Select Documents
      • Publisher: Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses

      This book is an attempt to bring together documents and reports published by the government on border management. The aim is to provide a comprehensive overview of the problems India faces in managing its borders and its approach towards the challenge.

      • ISBN 81-86019-68-5 ,
      • E-copy available
    • In Search of Congruence Perspectives on India-US Relations under the Obama Administration
      • Publisher: Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses

      This collection of essays attempts to assess the complexities and prospective direction of India-US relations under the Obama administration. Each chapter in this volume, examines his pronouncements on major security and foreign policy issues from his election campaign days, and traces the current course of his policies in those areas and their possible implications for India. Being an early assessment of how the relationship is likely to evolve, this book should be of interest to policy makers, the business community and discerning scholars.

      • ISBN 81-86019-65-0 ,
      • E-copy available
    • The Future of War and Peace in Asia
      • Publisher: Magnum Books Pvt. Ltd. (2010)

      This is an insightful analysis of inter- and intra-state conflicts and tensions in the countries of Asia even as the centre of gravity of economic, political and technological power is shifting from the Trans-Atlantic zone to Asia, particularly to East, South and Southeast Asia.

      • ISBN 8187363975
      • Publisher: Shipra Publications

      The book gives an overview of the Ecological Task Forces and institutions of the army. The Thar desert, Kumaon hills, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab and the Northeast have been used as case studies.

      • ISBN 978-81-7541-524-9
    • Strategic Technologies for the Military: Breaking New Frontiers
      • Publisher: SAGE India

      The book addresses five key technologies—near-space technology, robotics, directed energy weapons, nanotechnology and biotechnology—and explains why they are being considered for military applicability worldwide.

      • ISBN 9788132102410
    • South Asia: The Quest For Regional Cooperation
      • Publisher: Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses

      The papers in book outline the common challenges that the countries face, identify the factors that inhibit inter-state cooperation, acknowledge the costs of non-cooperation, and reaffirm the need for the states in South Asia to shed their differences and engage with each other in meaningful ways.

      • ISBN 81-86019-61-8
      • E-copy available
    • Balochistan in Turmoil: Pakistan at Crossroads
      • Publisher: Manas Publications

      The book covers the developments in post colonial Balochistan, its geo-political significance, and the underlying grievances of the Baloch. It makes an attempt to analyse the reasons for current revival of violence in Balochistan and highlights the current situation in the region.

      • ISBN 978-81-7049-307-5,
      • Price: ₹. 595/-
    • Space Security: Need for a Proactive Approach

      Report of the IDSA-Indian Pugwash Society Working Group on Space Security

      • Publisher: Academic Foundation

      The objective of this report, prepared by a Working Group comprising leading experts in the field is to provide a multi-disciplinary analysis including the technological, legal, political, diplomatic, and security dimensions.

      • ISBN 9788171887620,
      • Price: ₹. 595/-
    • Caretaking Democracy: Political Process in Bangladesh, 2006-08
      • Publisher: Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses

      The book discusses the tenure of the Second Caretaker Government led by Fakhruddin Ahmed. This government, functioning like an interim government navigated Bangladesh through its worst political crisis since 1991 and held free and fair elections in December 2008. Despite several drawbacks, this government introduced a number of political reforms, and strengthened key institutions in the country.

      • ISBN 81-86019-59-6,
      • E-copy available
    • Security Implications of Climate Change for India

      Report of the IDSA Working Group

      • Publisher: Academic Foundation (2009)

      The Working Group Report identifies India's key vulnerabilities. Future projections of surface warming over India indicate that the annual mean area averaged surface warming is likely to be between 2 degrees and 3 degrees celcius and 3.5 and 5.5 degrees celcius by the middle and end of 21st century respectively.

      • ISBN 978-81-7188-763-7,
      • Price: ₹. 695/-