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    • Africa and Energy Security: Global Issues, Local Responses
      • Publisher: Academic Foundation

      This book represents an effort to go beyond state-centred views of energy security, bridging local perspectives on energy resources and global framing of energy as a security concern.

      • ISBN 13-978-81-7188-754-5,
      • Price: ₹. 895/-
    • Saving Afghanistan
      • Publisher: Academic Foundation (2009)

      This book is about the future of Afghanistan which seems to be rapidly slipping into chaos. It contains perspectives on counter-insurgency and nation-building in Afghanistan. More significantly, the experts sought to answer the crucial question: what can be done to stabilise Afghanistan? This volume is a collection of their insightful papers.

      • ISBN 13-978-81-7188-753-8,
      • Price: ₹. 595 /- US $ 34.95/-
    • Proliferation and Emerging Nuclear Order  in the twenty-first century
      • Publisher: Academic Foundation

      This book provides some important perspectives on the emerging nuclear order. The contributors discuss most burning questions of the day: What are the challenges to the global nuclear regime? What are the consequences of a nuclear Iran for West Asian peace and stability? Will it give rise to a nuclear quest among the important West Asian states?

      • ISBN 13-978-81-7188-752-1,
      • Price: ₹. 595 /-
    • Global Power Shifts and Strategic Transition in Asia
      • Publisher: Academic Foundation

      The contemporary strategic context is increasingly defined by the rapid growth of major Asian economies and the rapidly increasing interest the major powers are evincing in the region. It has also resulted in a perceptible shift in power to the Asian continent.

      • ISBN 13-978-81-7188-751-4,
      • Price: ₹ 394
    • Space Security and Global Cooperation
      • Publisher: Academic Foundation

      For the last five decades artificial satellites are being used to perform diverse roles in astronomy, atmospheric studies and education. They have been found useful for reconnaissance, meteorology, navigation, communication and search & rescue.

      • ISBN 13-978-81-7188-741-5,
      • Price: ₹ 695
    • India's Neighbourhood Challenges Ahead
      • Publisher: IDSA & Rubicon Publishers Pvt Ltd.
      • ISBN 1-85845-379-8,
      • Price: ₹ 560
    • India and its Neighbours
      • Publisher: IDSA
      • ISBN 1-85845-379-8,
      • Price: ₹ 399
    • India-US Relations: Addressing the Challenges of the 21st Century
      • Publisher: Magnum Books

      The rhetoric from two noisy democracies may make it appear that the interests of India and the United States are poles apart on many issues. However, if the outside layers comprising ideological and populist pronouncements are peeled aside, it is apparent that while there would be inevitable differences in approach, there is a convergence on core values, concerns and interests. At the same time, the hindrances and obstacles that come in the way of a working relationship cannot be simply wished away. A purposeful and forward looking dialogue is one of the necessary steps required to take the Partnership to a higher plane.

      • ISBN 81-87363-95-9,
      • Price: ₹ 595
    • Russia and its Near Abroad
      • Publisher: Authors Press
      • ISBN 978-81-7273-468-8,
      • Price: ₹ 240
    • IDSA Asian Strategic Review 2008
      • Publisher: Academic Foundation

      IDSA Asian Strategic Review 2008, the second volume in the series of Annual Surveys revived by the Institute in the previous year, is divided into six sections.

      • ISBN 13: 978-81-7188-712-5,
      • Price: ₹ 995