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  • India’s Border Management: Select Documents

    India’s Border Management: Select Documents
    Publisher: Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses
    ISBN 81-86019-68-5
    Price: ₹. 895/- Purchase Download E-copy

    About the book

    India shares its borders with all its South Asian neighbours as well with China. Since the borders is man-made and do not follow any natural barrier, they traverse diverse socio-cultural milieus and cut across ethnic, social and economic communities. These characteristics of the borders pose various challenges towards their proper management. Similarly, the vast Indian coastline and island territories are also vulnerable to infiltrations and attacks. To address these challenges and to secure its land borders and coastlines, the Indian government has adopted various measures. This book is an attempt to bring together documents and reports published by the government on border management. The aim is to provide a comprehensive overview of the problems India faces in managing its borders and its approach towards the challenge. The documents are arranged in chronological order according to their year of publication.

    About the Editor

    Dr. Pushpita Das is Associate Fellow at the Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses, New Delhi. Her areas of research include issues relating to India's Northeast and Border Management.





    1. Border Management,
      Annual Report 2008-09, Ministry of Home Affairs, New Delhi

    2. Coast Guard,
      Annual Report 2008-09,Ministry of Defence, New Delhi

    3. Development of National Highways in North Eastern Region,
      Border Roads Organisation, Annual Report 2007-08, Ministry of Surface Transport and Highways,New Delhi

    4. The Land Port Authority of India Bill, 2008

    5. Border Area Development Programme (revised guidelines-2008),
      Ministry of Home Affairs, New Delhi

    6. Trends in Outright smuggling (Commodity-wise & Sector-wise),
      Annual Report 2006-07, Directorate of Revenue Intelligence,Ministry of Finance, New Delhi

    7. Schemes, policies and programmes of the Ministry,
      Extracts from the 126th Report of the Standing Committee on Home Affairs, presented to the Rajya Sabha on April 26, 2007

    8. Multipurpose Identity Cards Scheme,
      Extracts from the 124th Report of the Standing Committee Home Affairs, presented to the Rajya Sabha on March 20, 2007

    9. Sashastra Seema Bal,
      123rd Report on Sashastra Seema Bal Bill 2006, presented to the Rajya Sabha on 27 Februray 2007

    10. Sashastra Seema Bal Bill 2006

    11. Border Management,
      Reforming the National Security System - Recommendations of Group of Ministers’, Ministry of Home Affairs, February, 2001

    12. Report on Illegal Migration to Assam,
      by Lt. General (Retd) S.K. Sinha (Submitted to President of India),November 8, 1998

    13. Transforming the Northeast,
      High Level Commission Report to the Prime Minister, Planning Commission, Government of India, March 7, 1997

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