Smruti S. Pattanaik

Smruti S. Pattanaik is Research Fellow at the Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses, New Delhi. Click here for detailed profile

India’s abstention in the vote against Sri Lanka at Geneva: Likely Implications

April 16, 2014

Despite its abstention, India will continue to be evaluated negatively in Sri Lanka for its approach to the Tamil issue. Moreover, Colombo is also taking steps which may unnecessarily complicate bilateral relations.

Federalising India’s Neighbourhood Policy: Making the States Stakeholders

January 2014

The politics of coalition has posed new challenges to India’s foreign policy.

Neither Feasible nor Desirable

September 2013

Trilateral cooperation between India, Nepal and China needs to be seen from the perspective of how beneficial it is for all three countries.

Majoritarian State and the Marginalised Minorities: The Hindus in Bangladesh

July 2013

The problem confronting the Hindu minority in Bangladesh is analysed in this article within the framework of a majoritarian state, which embodies the socio-cultural ethos of the majority community in

Will it be a new phase in India-Pakistan Relations?

May 16, 2013

Nawaz Sharif’s sentiments for better relationship with India are laudable in spite of being still premature. There are constituencies within Pakistan for whom Kashmir continues to remain the core issue but the bigger challenge is whether Sharif will be able to bring the army on board.

Why India must vote against Sri Lanka at the UNHRC?

March 20, 2013

India must vote against Sri Lanka in the UNHRC in order to force the latter to set up its own enquiry commission on war crimes, implement the recommendations of the LLRC pertaining to the rights of Tamils, and evolve its own ‘home grown’ solution to the ethnic issue.

Bangladesh War Crime Trial: The Surprise Second Verdict

February 12, 2013

The verdict against Abdul Quadir Molla by the War Crime Tribunal 2, which sentenced him to life, came as a surprise to many given the graveness of his crime.

Federalising India’s Neighbourhood Policy: Balancing the State Interest with the National

March 8, 2013
Fellows' Seminar

Chairperson: Shri Rajiv Sikri
Discussants: Dr Suresh K Goel, Dr Nitya Nanda and Prof. Rekha Saxena

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