India-Africa Relations

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  • Sampath Kumar asked: What prompts India to engage with Africa more closely, given India's commitment to the Asia-Africa Growth Corridor?

    Ruchita Beri replies: There are a number of factors that prompt India to engage with Africa. India has a long history of ties with Africa. Trade between the west coast of India and the east coast of Africa has taken place for centuries. In the post-independence period, a common colonial heritage, similar developmental challenges and consensual worldviews led India to develop close relations with the African countries.

    India-Africa Cooperation in Human Resource Development: Education ,Training and Skills

    Human resource development (HRD) and capacity building are frequently claimed to be at the heart of India's development cooperation. This paper is one of the first to look inside these claims and to review critically the many different facets of India's capacity building. The focus is India's engagement with Africa, and the time-frame is from 1947 till the present. Many of the key HRD elements in India's cooperation are covered: from support to thousands of African students and professionals to learn from Indian institutions to the ambitious HRD pledges of the three India-Africa Forum Summits. India's soft power in Africa is examined along with its support to institutional and digital development.

    Modi’s Tour of Africa Revitalises Relations

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s recent tour of Rwanda, Uganda and South Africa increased to 26 the number of African countries visited by very senior leaders, thus contributing to a significant reduction in India’s visibility deficit in the continent.

    August 21, 2018

    India’s New Initiative in Africa: The Asia–Africa Growth Corridor

    The Corridor marries India’s brand of human resources development and capacity building with Japan’s objective of delivering quality infrastructure in the region.

    June 13, 2017