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Shubhda Chaudhary asked : What is India’s position on the Syrian crisis and how has the uprising in Syria affected the relationship between the two countries?

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  • Prasanta Kumar Pradhan replies: India has expressed its concern about the deteriorating situation in Syria. India acknowledges Syria as an important country in the region and believes that any protracted internal conflict will have its impact not only on the internal peace but on the regional stability as well. India wants the Syrian crisis to end in a peaceful manner ensuring the human rights of the people. India has called for “a peaceful and inclusive political process to address the grievances of all sections of Syrian society.” Also, India opposes any kind of external intervention in Syria to end the conflict as societies cannot be reordered from outside. Thus, India supports a non-military solution to the conflict and is of the view that the threat of use of force would be detrimental to the territorial integrity and political independence of the country.

    Despite the ongoing tension in the region, India is trying to maintain good relationship with Syria. It is too early to gauge the negative impact of the conflict on the India-Syria relationship as the situation is still unfolding; and India remains hopeful of a peaceful resolution of the conflict. India has had good ties with the current regime. President Pratibha Patil had visited the country in November 2010, just before the protests began in the Arab world. Both the countries can focus on further developing bilateral relationship after the present turmoil is over.