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Ganesh asked: Why India is not taking stringent actions against Pakistan in 26/11 case as it already proved Pakistan the culprit before international community?

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  • Ali Ahmed replies: The assumption in this reply is that 'stringent action' referred to in the question implies 'military action'. Other action available being diplomatic contact with the Pakistani authorities to facilitate the judicial process. In this context, periodic news on the exchange of folders, enquiries from the Pakistani side etc is released. A couple of serving ISI military officials have been identified as part of the conspiracy. The issue has been raised with the Pakistanis on several occasions of direct contact with the at all levels including during the meetings of the PMs, the foreign ministers, foreign secretaries and the home minister. The US has also expressed its concerns to Pakistan, testifying to the fact that our diplomacy is multipronged. In so far as more 'stringent action' is concerned, it is not being contemplated upon now and for good reasons. The judicial system in Pakistan is siezed of the case against those handlers arrested and would proceed at its own pace. Additional action that the Pakistani state can and should take such as against the infrastructure of terror and those inspiring and sustaining terror networks of LeT and the JM is being impressed on Pakistan. It would require to be prevailed upon through persuasion and argument of not only India, but also its friends such as the US. The Pakistani state may take such action in case the nexus identified between the anti India groups and the TTP and Al Qaeda deepens to threaten the Pakistani state itself. The argument the international community has been making is that it is in Pakistani interest to roll back the infrastructure of terror before it threatens the Pakistani state. Therefore, other alternatives require to be tried out more exhaustively, before 'stringent action' in terms of military action is contemplated or executed. In any case, military action cannot now be proceeded with in respect of 26/11. In case military action were to be taken, it would set off an unpredictable series of events within Pakistan that could jeopardise not only that state but also the international community's efforts in Afghanistan. However, in case another 26/11 were to occur, then that option is a serious possibility.