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Maneesh Aggarwal asked: How an Indian can make a difference in improving India's defence systeme aganist China and Pakistan?

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  • Rumel Dahiya replies: Every Indian can and should make a contribution in making India a strong and prosperous country in which all of us feel secure and live harmoniously. This can be done by doing our best in which ever field of activity we are involved in. Hard working, tech savvy and productive citizens are essential for India's sustained economic growth. A strong economy will generate resources for development as well as for defence. Technological advances will contribute towards better defence systems. There are many career choices which can be made if one wants to make direct contribution towards developing defence systems, both in PSUs and in private sector. One can make innovation in any field and it will have a direct or indirect positive impact in improving India's defence potential. Obviously, no defence system is designed with an eye on a particular adversary or potential adversary.