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Shebonti Ray Dadwal

Shebonti Ray Dadwal is Senior Fellow at the Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses, New Delhi. Click here for detailed profile

India struggling to cope with sanctions on Iran

June 26, 2012

The Indian government is now weighing several options to manoeuvre around the ever-tightening sanctions, including the provision of sovereign guarantees to oil tanker operators.

Can Unconventional Gas Be a Game-Changer for India?

March 2012

The discovery of extracting unconventional (shale) gas through hydraulic fracturing has revolutionised the gas industry in the US and has given rise to a debate over whether it has the potential to reverse the emerging geopolitical equations in the global energy sector which was hitherto seen to be tilting in favour of the conventional energy producers.

India's Overseas Assets: Do They Contribute to Energy Security?

January 2012

When a resource-deficient country becomes industrialised lifestyles become increasingly energy intensive, compelling it to seek resources overseas.

Can the South Asian Gas Pipeline Dilemma be Resolved through a Legal Regime?

September 2011

South Asian countries, and particularly India, are hydrocarbon-deficient, and given the pace of economic growth in many of these nations, all of them need huge energy resources to sustain their growth. In accordance with their diversification strategies as well as to enhance energy security they are considering alternate sources and means of imports, including via land pipelines.

TAPI – Still a Distant Dream

May 02, 2011

If the TAPI pipeline does see the light of day, it will be due to US support and its larger political and strategic considerations.

The Sino-Japanese Rare Earths Row: Will China's Loss be India's Gain?

March 2011

Following the dispute over the seizure of a Chinese trawler and its crew by Japan in the disputed waters in the East China Sea believed to be rich in oil and gas resources, Beijing has been flexing its muscles against Tokyo in another area. However, this one may have far deeper consequences not only for Japan but for the rest of the world.

The Crisis in Egypt and its Impact on the Oil Market

February 04, 2011

The political unrest in Egypt has shaken the world oil market and triggered fears of long-lasting economic damage if the crisis were to deepen.

Energy-Related Border Trade Measures: Can They Lead to Trade Wars?

November 2010

Following the recent economic crisis, concerns over the revival of trade protectionism have surfaced, with some countries imposing or threatening to impose highly trade-distorting legislation to help their domestic industries compete in world markets, raising the spectre of a potential trade war. This paper looks at the attempts by some of the developed countries to introduce trade measures using the issue of climate change as a Trojan horse, to ensure that they do not lose out to the emerging economies.