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P. V. Ramana

Dr. P. V. Ramana is Research Fellow at Institute for Defence Studies and Analysis, New Delhi. Click here for detail profile.

Ways And Means to Choke Maoist Finances

May 11, 2017

It is difficult, if not impossible, to completely clamp down on Maoist finances. However, it is possible to restrict the flow of money into their coffers.

Fully secure MPV is a mirage

May 10, 2017

Research Fellow, IDSA, Dr PV Ramana’s article on Mine Protected Vehicles (MPV), titled ‘Fully secure MPV is a Mirage’ was published in ‘Telangana Today’ on May 11, 2017.

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Big blow to Maoist Finances

December 19, 2016

Research Fellow, IDSA, Dr PV Ramana’s article on the impact of demonetisation on Maoist activities, titled ‘Big blow to Maoist Finances’ was published in ‘Telangana Today’ on December 19, 2016.

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The Maoist Global Web

April 29, 2016
The Maoist Global Web

The external linkages of the Maoists are wide, stretching from Latin America to South East Asia. These linkages have, essentially, given them visibility and propaganda, and very occasionally weapons.

“I was born in the party”: Women in Maoist Ranks

December 15, 2015
Women in Maoist Ranks

Women join Maoist ranks for a variety of reasons: impressionable age, social milieu and circumstances, personal reasons, influence of kin or family and the inspiration of ideology.

Children in Indian Maoist Ranks

August 06, 2015
Children in Indian Maoist Ranks

At one point there were an estimated 800 children in the ranks of the Maoists. Variously known as Bal Dasta, Bal Sangh and Bal Sangham, they are used for intelligence gathering, carrying food and arms, and serving extortion notes.

Understanding India’s Maoists

Understanding India’s Maoists

Publisher: Pentagon Press
ISBN: 978-81-8274-801-9
Price: Rs. 1295 [Download E-Copy]

The proscribed Communist Party of India (Maoist), Maoists in short, also known in India as Naxalites, is the most lethal and largest of all such groups. Its ultimate aim is to capture/seize political/state power through protracted people’s war (PPW), on the lines propounded by Mao Tse Tung.

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CPI (Maoist) and Urban Movement

May 12, 2014

The Urban Movement has a defined role in the political strategy and military strategy of the CPI (Maoist). In the Maoist schemes, Urban Movement is to broadly to mobilise and organise the basic masses and build the party on that basis ; build the United Front ; and military tasks .

Maoist Finances: Sources, Methods of Collection and Utilization

February 17, 2014

Citing IDSA Report, the Minister of State for Home Affairs, RSN Singh said in the Rajya Sabha recently that “…the CPI(Maoist) party has been collecting not less than Rs 140 crores annually from a variety of sources. Further, the possibility of certain front organizations of the CPI (Maoist) … clandestinely getting foreign funds cannot be ruled out.”

India’s Maoists: Financing the war machinery

December 27, 2013

In a document entitled ‘Our Financial Policy’, the Maoists mention that they have three types of economic needs, viz. the needs of war, political propaganda and the people. To cater to these needs there are three broad categories of resources, viz. (a) membership fee, levy and contributions from the people; (b) confiscation of the wealth and income of the enemy; and (c) ‘revolutionary taxes’ collected in guerrilla zones and base areas.