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  • Uttam Kumar Sinha

    Research Fellow
    +91 11 2671 7983

    Dr.Uttam Kumar Sinhais a Research Fellow at the Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses. His areas of research include transboundary water issues, climate change and the Arctic region.At IDSA, he is also the Managing Editor of Strategic Analysis published by Routledge.

    A doctorate in International Politics from Jawaharlal Nehru University,Dr. Sinha holds an adjunct position at the Malaviya Centre for Peace Research, Banaras Hindu University and is a Senior Fellow at the Institute for National Security Studies Sri Lanka, a think-tank of that country’s Ministry of Defence.
    He is currently on the technical advisory board of the South Asia Water Governance Programme and has a policy advisory role at the International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD) in Kathmandu. He was a Chevening ‘Gurukul’ Scholar at the London School of Economics in 2008; participated in the Harvard Kennedy School’s South Asia Leaders Programmein 2015; and was a visiting fellow at the Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO) in 2006.

    He is actively engaged in the Track 2 dialogue process and was India’s representative to the CSCAP Working Group on Water Resources Security. He Chaired the Working Group on Water Dispute Resolution Mechanism of the Strategic Studies Network, National Defense University (NDU) Washington DC.

    He is the author of the book Riverine Neighbourhood: Hydro-politics in South Asia (Pentagon Press, 2016). Some of his recent edited volumes include, The Modi Doctrine: New Paradigms in India’s Foreign Policy(Wisdom Tree, 2016), Non-Traditional Security Challenges in Asia: Approaches and Responses (Routledge,2015); Arctic: Commerce, Governance and Policy (Routledge, 2015); Emerging Strategic Trends in Asia (Pentagon Press, 2015).

    Other publications

    Select Publications

      • Publisher: Pentagon Press

      Rivers are the most visible form of fresh water. Rivers are ancient and older than civilizations a ‘mini cosmos’ spawning history, tales, spirituality, and technological incursions. Flowing rivers are the largest renewable water resource as well as a crucible for both humans and aquatic ecosystem.

      • ISBN 978-81-8274-914-6,
      • Price: Rs. 895
      • E-copy available
    • Research Fellow, IDSA, Dr Uttam Sinha’s cover story on the National Waterways Act, titled ‘Hope floats for India’, was published in ‘The Pioneer’ on June 12, 2016.

      June 12, 2016
      IDSA News
    • Research Fellow, IDSA, Dr Uttam Sinha's article on National Waterways Bill, titled ‘National Waterways Bill: A Flow of Progress’ was published in April 2016 issue of ‘The Nationalist’.

      May 02, 2016
      IDSA News
    • Uttam Sinha's article "Climate Summit: An agreement for Humanity" published in the Nationalist, a monthly e-journal of the Syama Prasad Mookherjee Research Foundation.

      January 12, 2016
      IDSA News
    • Research Fellow, IDSA, Dr Uttam Sinha's chapter titled, ‘Towards Riparian Rationality: An Indian Perspective’ was published in the volume China-India Relations: Cooperation and Conflict, (eds) Kanti Bajpai, Huang Jing and Kishore Mahbubani (Routledge, 2015).

      December 22, 2015
      IDSA News
    • Research Fellow, IDSA, Dr Uttam Sinha’s article, titled ‘Fair vermeiden’ was published in the November 2015-February 2016 edition of the German publication, IP Landerportrat.

      November 19, 2015
      IDSA News
    • Research Fellow, IDSA, Dr Uttam Sinha's chapter ‘Challenges to the Himalayan Watershed’ was published in the volume ‘Himalayan Bridge’edited by Niraj Kumar, George Van Driem and P Stobdan.

      October 20, 2015
      IDSA News
    • Publisher: Routledge
      ISBN: 978-11-3889-253-8
      Price: $110.00/- [Buy Now]
      Asia is challenged by a number of non-traditional security issues including the food–energy–water nexus, climate change, transnational crime, terrorism, disaster relief and economic performance. This volume categorizes and clarifies some key emerging issues in the area and looks at their interconnectedness and implications.

    • Publisher: Routledge
      ISBN: 978-1-13-885599-1
      Price: $145.00
      In May 2013, China, India, Japan, Singapore and South Korea (Asia 5) were given status as permanent observers in the Arctic Council. It was a symbolic and significant moment in the history of Arctic affairs. The list of stakeholders in the Arctic has now expanded to include both the Arctic littoral states and the five Asian states. The drivers and policies of these stakeholders on the Arctic vary, but research on climate change, possible changes to the global energy and minerals markets, adherence to international norms like the UNCLOS, and geopolitical considerations are issues of concern.

    • Publisher: Pentagon Press
      ISBN: 978-81-8274-823-1
      Price: Rs. 1095
      There is little doubt that Asia – stretching from the Eurasian landmass to the maritime reaches of Australia and the South Pacific – is experiencing a major shift in the global balance of power. Expressions like the ‘Indo-Pacific’ and ‘Asia-Pacific’, contested they maybe, capture Asia’s expanse and dynamism. A power shift from the West to the East is well under way.
      E-Copy available