Can Prachanda use his India visit to resolve the Madhes issue at home?

September 16, 2016

Prime Minister Puspa Kamal Dahal has a whole pile of problems lying unsolved at home. And he has only nine months, as set by his coalition partners, to deliver on his promises.

An Assessment of President Obama’s Foreign Policy

September 08, 2016

If the history of the world is the world’s court of justice, history will rate Obama, the 44th President of the United States, among the top ten of the holders of that high office.

The Draft Maharashtra Protection of Internal Security Act 2016: A Review

September 07, 2016

While the need for re-evaluating internal security holistically is undeniable, it may be appropriate to deal with this matter in the national context.

Latin America Post the Impeachment of Dilma Rouseff

September 06, 2016

The salience of the impact of the Rouseff-related developments lie in the fact that there is a degree of similarity in the economic policies of the erstwhile Rouseff Government and its counterparts in some of the other Latin American countries…

Ethnicity and Security Forces in Guyana and Trinidad & Tobago

September 05, 2016

The perception of discrimination and the attendant reluctance of Indo-Trinidadians and Indo-Guyanese to enlist in proportionate numbers gives rise to a circle of claims of discrimination that never augur well for good race relations.

Bringing India-Nepal ties back on track

September 05, 2016
India-Nepal Relations

The Prachanda regime’s success in bringing India-Nepal ties back on track will greatly depend on his domestic performance; that is where the goodwill which can give him political heft lies.

Visit of Myanmar President Upgrades Bilateral Ties

September 02, 2016

The message President Kyaw took back from New Delhi is that India stands ready to support Myanmar in every possible way on its march to security, reconciliation and prosperity.

Turkmenistan needs to revisit its gas policy

September 02, 2016
Turkmenistan needs to revisit its gas policy

TAPI has the potential to be a game changer for Turkmenistan. To boost confidence among potential investors, Turkmenistan needs to adopt best global practices in its gas sector.

Naga ‘Framework Agreement’ and Its Aftermath

September 01, 2016
Naga ‘Framework Agreement’ and Its Aftermath

Differing perceptions among the various stakeholders has emerged because the contents of the framework agreement are not in the public domain.

Revival of the Russian Military: An Assessment

August 31, 2016
Russian Military

Russia’s military intervention in Syria – its first beyond its immediate neighbourhood since the end of the Cold War – highlights the significant transformation that its armed forces have gone through.