India-Maldives Relations

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  • India–Maldives Ties in Choppy Waters

    While President Muizzu’s policy towards India is short-sighted and lacks sophistication, India should continue with its measured response given the geo-strategic importance of Maldives.

    February 05, 2024

    Maldives and the #IndiaOut Campaign

    Maldives’ foreign policy has witnessed a shift from ‘India First’ under former President Ibrahim Solih to ‘India Out’ that was central to Mohammed Muizzu’s presidential campaign.

    December 13, 2023

    Muizzu as the Eighth President of the Maldives: Implications for India-Maldives Relations

    President Mohamed Muizzu will continue security and defence cooperation with India and unlikely to cancel ongoing infrastructure projects.

    November 06, 2023

    Implications of Political Dissonance in the Maldives

    The domestic politics of the Maldives might significantly change if the position of the MDP government weakens. It might change the flavour of India–Maldives bilateral relationship and will also have an impact on the security environment in the Indian Ocean region.

    August 13, 2021

    Narendra Shekhawat asked: What is the geo-strategic importance of Maldives to India?

    Abhay Kumar Singh replies: Strategic geography defines the geo-strategic importance of Maldives far beyond its physical size. Despite being the smallest Asian country with a land area of just 300 sq. km. and a population of around 480,000, Maldives is one of the world’s most geographically dispersed countries straddling a 960-km-long submarine ridge running north to south and which forms a wall in the middle of the Indian Ocean.

    Maldives Needs Help Now and India Alone Can Provide it

    India-Maldives Relations

    Not intervening at this stage would be viewed by the people of Maldives as an abdication of responsibility by India.

    February 09, 2018

    The Maldivian Crisis: What Can India do?

    India will be able to help and support only to the extent that the demand for democracy and freedom from within Maldives continues to put pressure on Yameen and his security forces.

    February 08, 2018

    Multi-party Democracy in the Maldives and the Emerging Security Environment in the Indian Ocean Region

    Multi-party Democracy in the Maldives and the Emerging Security Environment in the Indian Ocean Region
    • Publisher: Pentagon Press

    Maldives is the smallest country of South Asia. But its significance is no less because of its crucial geo-strategic location in the Indian Ocean. It sits astride on major sea lanes of communications (SLOCs). However, the crucial geo-strategic location of the Maldives has also caused problems for the country as it has aroused interests of major world powers.

    • ISBN 978-81-8274-895-8,
    • Price: ₹. 795
    • E-copy available

    Anmol asked: What could be the effect of the current political turmoil in Maldives on India?

    Anand Kumar replies: Maldives is strategically located in the Indian Ocean. It is just about 700 km away from the southern coast of India. Hence, any political crisis in Maldives is going to have an impact on India. Presently, President Abdualla Yameen of Progressive Party of Maldives is in power. He is half brother of former president Maumoon Abdul Gayoom, who was the longest serving dictator of Asia. The present rule of Yameen is being contested by former president Mohamed Nasheed who is currently in jail.

    Maldives Revisited

    Maldives Revisited

    This Occasional Paper is a brief first-hand personal account of the Tevents, discussions, decisions and the action taken in November 1988 by the Government of India to provide help to the Government of Maldives to quell an attempted coup.