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  • Underdogs End Empires: A Memoir by I.P. Khosla

    Ambassador I.P. Khosla, the author of the book Underdogs End Empires: A Memoir, started his career in the Indian Foreign Service in 1960 and retired in 1996. Holding important positions, he witnessed at first hand the historic events that unfolded during this period and in the book under review he narrates all these experiences. The canvas of the book is large in terms of the geography as well as the time period it covers.

    March 2012

    Prime Minister Bhattarai’s Visit to India: Renewing Ties in a Critical Transition Phase

    Bhattarai’s visit was historic not for the bilateral issues that were discussed but because it provided an opportunity for meaningful re-engagement between India and the UCPN(M).

    October 25, 2011

    Understanding Nepal Maoists' Demands: Revisiting Events of 1990

    The Maoist insurgency which began in February 1996 is the major security challenge facing Nepal, having affected almost all the 75 districts of the country. The Maoists' core demandsan interim government, an elected Constituent Assembly to frame a new Constitution, a republican state-revolve around issues which seemed to have been settled in the 1990 Constitution. This Constitution was promulgated following a people's movement marking a transition from a party-less panchayat system to a multi-party democracy with Constitutional monarchy and sovereignty resting with the people.

    January 2003