India-Malaysia Relations

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  • India–Malaysia Defence Relations: Issues and Challenges

    This article aims to analyse the bilateral defence relations between India and Malaysia in the context of ongoing geo-political and strategic issues confronting the Indo-Pacific region. Writings on defence partnerships between India and Malaysia are very few and when seen in the context of India’s new ‘Act East Policy’, this article attains significance. The article analyses these relations in a descriptive and analytical manner by first looking into the historical relations and thereafter by highlighting, in brief, the developments during the Cold War era.

    April-June 2023

    Political Change in Malaysia: A Harbinger of Hope?

    Anwar Ibrahim’s ascent to power could prove advantageous for dealing with Malaysia’s fractious domestic dynamics as well as for furthering the country’s foreign policy goals.

    December 27, 2022

    Malaysia–India Defence Cooperation: Need for a Paradigm Shift before Strategic Partnership

    The objective of this article is to discuss defence cooperation between Malaysia and India in the post-Cold War era (1991–2012), mainly from Malaysia’s perspective. The article is divided into four parts. First, the historical background of Malaysia–India defence cooperation during the colonial period until the Cold War is discussed briefly. Second, defence cooperation in the post-Cold War period involving the three services (air force, navy and army) is examined. Third, certain issues in Malaysia–India defence cooperation are analysed.

    January 2014

    Religious Assertion in Malaysia

    Fellows' Seminar
    February 20, 2009
    1030 to 1300 hrs

    Indian Diaspora Tale: A Malaysian Malady

    Malaysia’s so-called multi-ethnic harmony was deeply shaken when the Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) organised in Kuala Lumpur the largest ever mass protest against the ‘marginalisation’ of ethnic Indians as a consequence of the government’s ‘discriminatory’ policy. The incident has clearly exposed Malaysia’s political class of creating and favouring a unified trans-racial community called Bangsa Malaysia (‘Malaysian race’).

    December 05, 2007