Manoranjan Srivastava

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  • Comdt Manoranjan Srivastava is Research Fellow at the Manohar Parrikar Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses, New Delhi. Click here for detailed profile.

    Antarctica: The Icy Continent and Indian Engagements

    India’s continuous and growing presence in Antarctica is in accordance with its commitment to science and protection of fragile Antarctic ecosystems.

    February 23, 2024

    Monsoon and Climate Change Threat in the Indian Ocean Region

    Increased collaboration among countries of the Indian Ocean Region on atmospheric and ocean studies is essential to tackle the challenge of climate change-induced vulnerabilities.

    November 01, 2023

    India’s Deep Sea Mining Endeavours: A Search for Climate Solutions in Deep Waters

    India is developing reliable deep-sea mining technologies and platforms to tap ocean resources to address its need for rare earth minerals that increasingly power renewable energy sources.

    September 27, 2023