Swaim Prakash Singh

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  • Wing Commander Swaim Prakash Singh, MSc, MPhil, psc+ is working as a Senior Fellow at the Centre for Air Power Studies (CAPS), New Delhi. He is currently pursuing Ph.D. (thesis submitted) in Defence and Strategic Studies.

    Concerns for Drone Proliferation in India and Challenges to Air Space Management

    The launch of Drone Policy 2021 has dramatically liberalised the procurement and operation of drones, or Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), in the Indian skies. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s personal insights into the outreach of technology to the masses is a booster step towards the success of drone industry in India. As part of ‘Atmanirbharta’, the government has rolled out a vision to make India a drone manufacturing hub by 2030.

    October-December 2022

    Contemporary Technology in Peacekeeping Operations

    Since the Cold War, United Nations peacekeeping has evolved from monitoring peace treaties to multidimensional peacekeeping operations tasked with rebuilding states and their institutions during and after conflict. In June 2014, An Expert Panel on Technology and Innovation in UN Peacekeeping recommended investigating how innovative technology can strengthen peacekeeping missions.

    July-September 2020

    Recalling Air Power in the Indian Context

    With the announcement of the proposed theaterisation of the existing structure of the armed forces, there have been numerous exchanges of ideas, formal and informal discourses, official and unofficial exchange of views and perspectives in recent months. During such exchanges, a standpoint of equating the Air Force of a nation with the Artillery has emerged and it requires to be put in a proper perspective. Indian military history has unfortunately not highlighted the lethality and importance of air power, which is the root cause for incorrect understanding of air power.

    April-June 2022