Vijai Singh Rana

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  • Col. Vijai Singh Rana is Research Fellow at the Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses, New Delhi. <a href="/profile/vsrana">Click here for detailed profile</a>.

    Enhancing Jointness in Indian Armed Forces: Case for Unified Commands

    The nature of warfare has undergone a major change over the last few decades, brought about by rapid advancement in technologies combined with changes in doctrines and organisational concepts. This has resulted in enhanced focus on integrated and joint operations. Unified structures have been put in place by all major militaries in the world to optimise their defence capabilities. India appears to be reluctant to adapt wholeheartedly to the changing nature of war-fighting despite facing a wide variety of threats to its internal and external security.

    January 2015

    Permanent Chairman Chiefs of Staff Committee: Should the appointment be delayed further?

    Though the general elections are due this year, the need of the hour is to build a political consensus on the issue without further delay. It will be to the credit of the government if it is able to generate political consensus and appoint a Permanent Chairman CoSC or CDS.

    January 02, 2014