Arvind Dutta

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  • Colonel Arvind Dutta was Research Fellow at Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses, New Delhi. <a href="/profile/adutta">Click here for detailed profile</a>.

    Leading the way - Exercise Yudh Abhyas

    India's relationship with the United States has been a subject of debate and discussion. Both nations despite being large and stable democracies have had a contentious relationship demonstrating that shared value systems has not always been an insurance for building friendly relations.

    October 29, 2009

    India's Defence Cooperation

    Defence cooperation is an ideal tool to advance the national foreign policy objectives by building bridges of friendship, preventing conflicts, building mutual trust and capacities on a global basis. The process signals the political commitment to develop cooperative relations and dispel mistrust and misperception on issues of common military interest. The evolving geostrategic realities necessitates that policy guidelines be formulated for integrated inter-ministerial planning on issues concerning the external security of the country.

    July 2009

    The Case for Employing Non-Lethal Weapons

    At first glance, ‘Non-Lethal’ and ‘armed forces’ do not seem to go along, considering that the primary role of the military is to preserve national interests and safeguard territorial integrity, sovereignty and unity of India against external threats. However, changes in the security dynamics have embroiled the Indian Army more and more in the secondary task of providing assistance to government agencies to cope with internal threats as part of ‘Aid to Civil Authority’ when requisitioned for the purpose.

    June 03, 2009

    Indo - African Defence Cooperation:Need For Enhanced Thrust

    The African Continent, rich in minerals and other natural resources, has been figuring prominently in the world affairs in the post Cold War era, for a variety of reasons. The positive aspects in its recent history relate to its success in getting rid of the colonial yoke as also the vestiges of racialism targeted at its people.

    Winter 2008

    Mumbai Attacks and the Need for Enhanced India-US Defence Cooperation

    The staggered attacks on Mumbai across seven places were extremely demanding on time and resources required for counter operations. The attacks have also amply demonstrated that there is no scope for any lacunae in India’s security apparatus. The guard has to remain up to prevent the real ‘9/11 of India’.

    December 11, 2008

    The US Africa Command

    Africa is no longer a distant region that can be ignored by the United States. As articulated in the US National Security Strategy, the need to expand and ensure America's access to energy resources, prevent the spread of terrorism in weak states, and address transnational health and environmental concerns has transformed Africa from a strategically remote part of the world into a priority region for US economic, political, and military interests.

    September 12, 2008