R. S. Vasan

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  • Commodore RS Vasan IN (Retd.) is Head, Strategy and Security Studies, Centre for Asia Studies, Chennai.

    India's Maritime Core Interests

    While the maritime doctrine was published by the Indian navy in 2004 and improved upon in 2007, the core interests identified were as seen through the prism of the navy. The national maritime interests of India are distinctly different from the ones identified by the Indian navy and need to be analysed to understand the nuances and the dimensions of such interests so as to promote India's maritime power potential.

    May 2012

    Case Study of MV Suez and Anti Piracy Operations: Lessons for India and Pakistan

    A study of how the case of MV Suez a pirated vessel was handled would serve to provide some invaluable lessons on how India and Pakistan should join hands to take on this menace in the Indian Ocean. An otherwise well conducted rescue operations by the Pakistan navy, resulted in a near collision between PNS Babur and INS Godavari endangering the crew and the ships. Briefly put, the MV Suez was hijacked by the pirates who held the ship and its crew hostage while negotiating the ransom money for over ten months.

    October 2011