G.K. Pillai

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  • G.K. Pillai is a former Home Secretary, Government of India and former member, National Security Advisory Board (NSAB). He is currently Chairman of the Data Security Council of India.

    Inherent Structural Constraints Challenging India’s Internal Security

    The words ‘internal security’ do not figure in the Constitution of India. At the time of the framing of the Indian Constitution, the lawmakers were more worried about preserving the unity and sovereignty of the new nation. The world was in a far more peaceful environment and issues like terrorism and cybersecurity were far from their minds. Their outlook was conditioned by the constitutions then in existence.

    April-June 2018

    Internal Security Lecture Series - Manipur : The Way Out

    Speeches and Lectures
    September 26, 2011

    Left-Wing Extremism (LWE) in India

    It has become almost a cliché to say that the LWE situation is the most serious internal threat facing the country. Naxalism has been operating in several parts of the country. It has been there from the late 60s and 70s and different parts of the country have been affected with different levels of naxal violence. It has been tackled in different ways in West Bengal, in Kerala, in Andhra and so on and so forth, Telangana situation was there earlier. A significant change came about with the merger of the Peoples War Group and the MCC to form the CPI (Maoist) in 2004.

    April 2010