Dushyant Singh

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  • Brig. Dushyant Singh is commanding an Infantry Brigade along the Line of Control in Jammu and Kashmir.

    Severing the Hawala Trail to and from India

    Terror groups need money for procuring weapons, ammunitions, material, communication equipment, recruiting, conducting information operations, housing, and paying compensation to active members and their dependents. Terror organizations utilize a number of sources to fund their operations such as charities, extortion from local traders, forest produce, narcotics, kidnapping-ransom, extortion from NGOs and aid organisations. So where does Hawala figure in the above matrix. Hawala largely acts as the mover of funds than source of funding.

    October 2009

    Deterring Threat from Weapons of Mass Destruction

    A relaxed security situation has the potential to provide space for non-state actors to launch an attack with Weapons of Mass Destruction. While it may be difficult to deter WMD threats, there are ways and means to minimise the possibility of WMD attacks. The author argues that the solution lies in adopting an integrated approach by simultaneously addressing the 'demand' and 'supply' side of the WMD threat. This would imply maintaining pressure on nuclear capable states to heighten security of nuclear assets and also, severing the drug mafia-terrorist linkages in the longer run.

    July 2009