The Current and Future State of India–Bangladesh Relations

Ambassador Syed Muazzem Ali is currently High Commissioner of Bangladesh to India. The views expressed are personal.
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  • September 2018

    At the outset, we must remind ourselves that Indo–Bangladesh cooperation began in the battlefield of 1971. As a freedom fighter diplomat, one recalls with deep appreciation and gratitude the whole-hearted support we received from the Government and people of India during the critical days of our nationhood. We pay homage to those brave Indian soldiers who laid down their lives for our independence. We also pay tribute to the valiant war veterans who fought with us in our War of Independence. It is indeed most befitting that our Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, during her visit to India in April 2017, personally honoured members of the families of war martyrs through an unprecedented ‘Sommanona’ ceremony in Delhi. Through that unique programme, our Hon’ble Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina recognised the supreme sacrifices made by 1,661 Indian martyrs for the liberation of Bangladesh. The emotional bonds stemming from the invaluable contributions of the government and people of India during the Liberation War remain a dominant factor in Bangladeshis’ political, cultural and social wave. The spirit of comradeship of 1971 remains the foundation stone of the two countries’ ties, and we must remain faithful to it.