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  • Sanket Sudhir Kulkarni

    Visiting Fellow
    +91 11 2671 7983
    Archive data: Person was Visiting Fellow at IDSA

    Sanket is a PhD Scholar with the National Institute of Advanced Studies, Bangalore (NIAS). Currently he is pursuing his doctoral research on India’s decision making on Cross Border Natural Gas Pipelines. As a Visiting Fellow at IDSA, he would be exploring this subject in greater detail. Earlier he has published and presented his research on India’s proposed cross border natural gas pipelines. He is also undertaking research on comparative analysis of Indian and Chinese cross border natural gas pipelines in their respective neighbourhoods. At NIAS, along with his doctoral research, Sanket is also involved as a Co-Principal Investigator in a project funded by South Asian Network of Economic Research Institutes (SANEI) on the topic Cross Border Electricity Trade in South Asia: Potential Assessment, Underlying Factors and Policy Options. As a Co-Principal Investigator of this project, he is looking at the complex energy security decision making in South Asian countries and carrying out assessment of political and strategic factors influencing South Asian power trade prospects.