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  • Shruti Pandalai

    Associate Fellow
    +91 11 2671 7983

    Shruti Pandalai is an Associate Fellow at the Manohar Parrikar Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses, primarily working on issues closely related to India’s national security and foreign policy. Attached with the Centre for Military Affairs, she has worked on projects requiring research and recommendations for the National Security Council Secretariat, Ministry of External Affairs and Ministry of Home Affairs. India’s strategic thought and practice, its military history - the wars of 1962 and 1965 and their impact on contemporary foreign policy, emerging challenges to national security and forecasting and scenario projection are some of the themes she has worked on at IDSA. She has also published widely on the subject of Media and National Security, looking at the larger issues of strategic communication in diplomacy and conflict resolution in India.

    Previously, Shruti was a broadcast journalist, a News Anchor and Senior Correspondent with a leading national English news network specialising in international affairs. She contributes columns/op-eds/blogs to leading national and international publications on matters of national security, foreign policy and on the media.She has most recently been honoured with the IDSA President's Award 2015 for her research paper on India's 1965 War with Pakistan and how it shaped the geopolitics of South Asia.She is part of many emerging leaders fora including the New America Foundation's South Asia 2020 initiative, the Global Young Leaders Programme "The Asian Forum of Global Governance 2017” organised jointly by the ZEIT-StiftungEbelin und GerdBucerius, Germany and the Observer Research Foundation, New Delhi, and was also among the first batch of Raisina Young Fellows participating in the MEA-ORF annual Raisina Dialogue 2017. She is an alumna of St Xavier's College Calcutta, The Asian College of Journalism, Chennai, and The Centre for International Studies and Diplomacy, SOAS, University of London.

    Publications at IDSA [+]

    Select Publications

    • Associate Fellow Manohar Parrikar IDSA, Ms. Shruti Pandalai’s article ‘Lessons for India After the Galwan Valley Clash’ has been published in ‘The Diplomat’, on July 31, 2020.

      Today, the mainstreaming of anti-China sentiment in India has driven an articulation of policy options where proverbial red lines are being crossed. It is essential now to have a reset in ties, one that ensures that the strategic narrative on China in India’s public square reinforces cold facts and moves on from the shibboleths of the past.

      July 31, 2020
      IDSA News
    • Associate Fellow, Manohar Parrikar IDSA Ms. Shruti Pandalai’s article on India’s COVID-19 diplomacy, titled ‘Seizing the chance to chart “The India Way”’, has been published by the Australian Think Tank Lowy Institute’s ‘The Interpreter’ on June 12, 2020.

      COVID-19 has allowed New Delhi to show a collaborative and constructive brand of diplomacy, instead of zero-sum rivalry, writes Ms. Pandalai.

      Read Complete Article [+]

      June 12, 2020
      IDSA News
    • China has faced international condemnation and domestic unrest over its manipulation of information relating to the COVID-19 global pandemic.

      April 03, 2020
      Issue Brief
      • Publisher: Pentagon Press
      This anthology of essays traverses a wide range of issues exploring the inconsistencies in the global war on terror, and brings together diverse perspectives from eminent academia, practitioners, technologists and civil society from Asia. It takes the conversation beyond the academic realm by delving into first person accounts from authors who are living and fighting terrorism in the heart of conflict zones in the region.
      • ISBN: 978-93-86618-81-8,
      • Price: ₹.1245/-
      • E-copy available
    • Doklam brought into perspective the fractured relationship between India and China on the global stage and increased fears of China’s growing unilateralism as it inexorably broadens its interests and sphere of influence, especially in South Asia.

      January 01, 2018
      Issue Brief
    • The monograph hopes to succeed in providing a conceptual framework to understanding this emerging challenge and draw up a set of best practices and recommendations for policy makers and law enforcement agencies to move forward with.

    • India’s diplomatic offensive launched post the Uri-attacks provided the broader context in which its decision to carry out the surgical strike needs to be seen.

      October 04, 2016
      Issue Brief
    • Membership in the NSG is essential to safeguard future Indian interests in nuclear commerce, even if it is not a necessary condition for India to engage in nuclear exports.

      July 06, 2016
      Issue Brief
    • OSD Outreach and Research Analyst, IDSA, Ms Shruti Pandalai's op-ed on the threat of Islamic States’ social media propaganda campaign in India, titled ‘ISIS in India: The Writing on the (Facebook) Wall’ was published in ‘The Diplomat’ on May 6, 2016.

      May 06, 2016
      IDSA News
    • OSD Outreach and Research Analyst, IDSA, Ms Shruti Pandalai’s Oped on Lal Bahadur Shastri, titled ‘When India found a leader, but lost a statesman’ was published in The Hindu on September 26, 2015.

      September 26, 2015
      IDSA News