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  • Dr. Shen Ming Shih

    Visiting Fellow
    +91 11 2671 7983
    Archive data: Person was Visiting Fellow at IDSA

    Visiting Duration in IDSA

    31 July 2010-30 August 2010


    PLA Studies; Civil-Military Relations; National Security Research; Military Strategy


    PhD (2005) Department of Political Science, Fu Hsin Kang College, National Defense University, Taiwan
    M.A.(1995) , East Asia Graduate School, National Chen Chi University(NCCU),Taiwan
    B.A.(1985) , ROC Military Academy, Taiwan
    Army Command and Staff College, 1998, Taiwan
    Army Infantry School, Regular Course, 1989, Taiwan

    Current Project

    PLA Strategic Culture from India’s Perspective; Taiwan Defense Strategy


    Dr. Shen is currently assistant professor, Department of Strategic Studies, War College, National Defense University, ROC Taiwan, from Feb 2006. He also is adjunct assistant Professor of the International Affairs and Strategic Studies Graduate School,Tamkang University, Taiwan and teaching in the Department of Political Science, Fu Hsin Kang College, National Defense University, ROC, Taiwan. His advicer of doctoral dissertation is Dr. Chong-Pin Lin.

    Select Publications


    The PLA after the Reform (1995)
    Women and the Military (2003)
    The Strategy Overview (2005)
    Taiwan Defense Strategy (2009)
    The Chinese and Western Strategic Tradition of PLA Military Thoughts (2009)

    The Anti-Terror War in New Century (ed., 2002),
    The Relations of the Armed Forces and the Society (co-author, 2003),
    An Analysis of U.S.-Iraq War: A Political Warfare Aspect (ed.2004),
    The Intangible Combat Power in the U.S.-Iraq War (ed.2004),
    The Taiwan Strait Security and U.S.-Iraq War (ed.,2004),
    The International Relations (co-ed., 2006),
    New On War (co-ed., 2007),
    The Cross-Strait Relations: Prospect and Development (ex-ed., 2007)
    National Defense Policy and Strategy: Tendency and Development (ex-ed., 2008)
    The Observation of Global Strategy (ex-ed., 2008)
    The Philosophy of War and the Study on PRC’s Strategy (ex-ed., 2008)
    The National Defense Strategy and Joint Operation (ex-ed., 2008)
    The Changing Strategy of Fields Operation (ex-ed., 2010)
    The Art of the War: Tradition and Innovation (ex-ed., 2010)

    60 plus articles on Journals from 1994.