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  • Samuel J. Kuruvilla

    Visiting Fellow
    +91 11 2671 7983
    Archive data: Person was Visiting Fellow at IDSA

    Dr. Samuel J. Kuruvilla received his PhD from the University of Exeter (Politics & Theology) in July 2009 for his research on the topic of radical Christianity in the Holy Land with particular reference to a comparative study of liberation and contextual theology in Palestine-Israel. His doctoral research concerned an analysis of the role played by radical ecumenically-oriented Palestinian Christians in the national, political and socio-cultural development of Palestine since the start of the First Intifada. This was in the context of the use and role of the politico-religious aspects of comparative liberation theology. His past research focused on the intersection between religion and politics in Israel-Palestine and the greater Levant.

    Dr. Kuruvilla’s first monograph is scheduled to come out in April 2012 under the title Radical Christianity in Palestine-Israel: Liberation and Theology in the Middle East (London: Tauris Academic Studies, 2012). He is currently a Post-Doctoral Fellow at the School of International Relations and Politics, Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam as well as Visiting Fellow at the Institute for Defence studies and Analyses (IDSA). His present research focuses on the American mediatory and negotiation strategy in the Palestinian-Israeli peace negotiations from Madrid-Oslo to the present. Dr. Kuruvilla is currently working on a monograph provisionally titled ‘US Mediation and Global Terrorism: Impact on the Palestinian-Israeli Peace Process: 2001-2011.’