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  • Sanjay Badri-Maharaj

    +91 11 2671 7983
    Archive data: Person was Visiting Fellow at IDSA


    Latin America and the Caribbean, India's Nuclear Doctrine, Air Defences, Police and Paramilitary Forces


    PhD in War Studies, Department of War Studies King's College London

    Current Project

    India-Latin America relations: Opportunities and Constraints


    Dr. Sanjay Badri-Maharaj is an independent defence analyst and attorney-at-law based in Trinidad and Tobago. He holds a PhD on India's nuclear weapons programme and an MA from the Department of War Studies, King's College London. He has served as a consultant to the Trinidad and Tobago Ministry of National Security and to its Ministry of the Attorney-General. He has also served as a freelance journalist and correspondent for various publications in the defence sphere, a teaching assistant at the Department of War Studies, King's College London, researcher at the University of the West Indies and as a lecturer in naval history, strategic studies and threat perception and critical analysis for the Trinidad and Tobago Coast Guard Officer Training Program at the University of Trinidad and Tobago.

    Select Publications:


    • The Armageddon Factor – Nuclear Weapons in the India-Pakistan Context
      ISBN: 978-81-7062-109-7, Lancer Publishers, New Delhi (2000)

    Journal Publications

    • China and Stability in Afghanistan: China’s Afghanistan Strategy Scholar Warrior: Spring 2016 pp 45-51
    • Worsening Fault lines Militant Groups Attacking the Pakistani Armed Forces?, Indian Defence Review, Net Edition 8th January 2016
    • The Role of the Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force in Disaster Management, Journal of Defence Studies, Jan 2012, Vol.6 #1, pp.114-123
    • Ethnic Armies Revisited, Indian Defence Review, Net Edition 30th September 2011
    • The Mumbai Attacks – Lessons to be Learnt from the Police Response, Journal of Defence Studies, Apr 2009, Vol.3 #2, pp.145-156
    • India’s Nuclear Capability, Indian Defence Review, Apr-Jun 2004, Vol.19, # 2, pp.43-51
    • Ballistic Missile Defence for India: Another View, Vayu Aerospace Review, III/2003, pp.70-72
    • India: Asia’s Aerospace Hub of the Future, Indian Defence Review, Jan-Mar 2003, Vol.18, #1, pp.23-34
    • Defending India’s Airspace, Vayu Aerospace Review, I/ 2003, pp.62-72
    • India’s Nuclear Arsenal, Indian Defence Review, Oct-Dec 2002, Vol. 17, #4, pp.155-160
    • Indian Air Defences Modernization Prospects, Indian Defence Review, Oct-Dec 2002, Vol. 17, #4, pp.29-35
    • Underestimation of Nuclear India a Major Mistake, Indian Defence Review: Jul-Sep 2001, Vol. 16, #3, pp.10-15
    • Civil Defence Capabilities of the Indian State, Indian Defence Review, Jan-Mar 2001, Vol.16, #1, pp.19-32
    • Air Defence Networks of India and Pakistan, Air Forces Monthly, Nov 2000, pp.54-58
    • India’s Nuclear Status, Indian Defence Review, Apr-Jun 2000, Vol.15, #2, pp.124-128
    • Ethnic Armies, Indian Defence Review, Apr-Jun 2000, Vol.15, #2, pp.43-54

    Publications at IDSA