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  • Sarita Azad

    Project Associate
    +91 11 2671 7983

    Joined IDSA

    November 2009


    Mathematical modeling, Data analysis of various interdisciplinary fields.


    PhD, Applied Mathematics, Delhi University and Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore under Prof. Roddam Narasimha, FRS (advisor).
    M.Sc, Mathematics, Indian Institute of Technology (IITD)

    Current Project

    Game Theory in Strategic Negotiations and Decision Making


    In 2008, submitted her thesis “A wavelet based search for periodicities in Indian monsoon rainfall time series”. In 2009, she was visiting fellow at the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, University of Cambridge, UK where she worked on Climate change and Epidemics.

    Selected International Publications

    • Sarita Azad and N.S. Sisodia (2011), “Trends of Urban Growth in Asian Megacities”, Asian Profile, Vol. 39(2), 64-74.
    • Sarita Azad and N.S. Sisodia (2011), “Asia’s Urban Futures and its Implications for Security”, Imagining Asia in 2030: Trends, Scenarios and Alternatives (Ed.), Academic Foundation.
    • Sarita Azad (2011), “Identification of Common Periodicities between Correlated Indian Rainfall Time Series,” Advanced Science Letter, Vol. 4(1), 159–164.
    • Sarita Azad (2011), “Extreme Indian Monsoon Rainfall Years and the Sunspot Cycle,” Advanced Science Letters, Vol 4(1), 1-5.
    • Sarita Azad and Arvind Gupta (2011), “An Assessment on 26/11 Mumbai Attack using Social Networks Analysis”, (under review).

    Publications at IDSA