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  • Kevin A Desouza

    Research Fellow
    +91 11 2671 7983
    Archive data: Person was Research Fellow at IDSA.

    Colonel Kevin A Desouza joined IDSA as Research Fellow in September 2015. He is an electronics engineer and a specialist in Air Defence equipment. He has over 20 years of on-ground experience on the exploitation and technical support of a wide variety of defence equipment and weapon systems. He has been closely associated with trials of defence equipment and their development and production during two tenures when he headed the Maintainability Advisory Groups affiliated to Defence Public Sector Undertakings.He has written articles on a wide range of topics related to technical and logistic support of weapon systems and, more recently, a paper on spare parts optimisation.At IDSA,his research focuses on Transfer of Technology / Absorption of Technology by Indian Defence Industries, DRDO and PSUs, and absorption of Defence Offsets.

    Publications at IDSA