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  • DPK Pillay

    Research Fellow
    +91 11 2671 7983

    Colonel Divakaran Padma Kumar Pillay is a combat veteran from the Brigade of Guards. He was grievously wounded during an operation and decorated for conspicuous gallantry for saving the lives of two young children. He has held many unusual assignments in a 29 year career in the Indian Army. Besides several field army appointments, he was handpicked by the COAS for posting to Military School Bangalore, and subsequently selected for Project Beta which delivered a handheld PDA for use by Infantry platoons deployed in Counter Insurgency operations. He was also the first service officer to join the Ministry of Defence (secretariat) as Planning Officer (Defence) in the Planning and International Cooperation Division, wherein he contributed to policy making and implementation. He has represented India at various international forums including at the UNOG for CCW conferences and at the UNGA.

    Before joining IDSA in May 2017, Col. Pillay served as Senior Defence Specialist in the National Security Council Secretariat from 2010. He also had an earlier stint as Research Fellow at IDSA in 2009, during which term he worked on a study on joint exercises with foreign countries.

    Col. Pillay holds a PhD from Panjab University and his thesis revolves around the debate between human and national security. Besides university courses, he has attended several military training programmes in India and abroad on diverse subjects relating to conflict resolution, human rights, security sector reform, humanitarian civil-military coordination, rehabilitation and relief, disaster risk management, strategic negotiations and environmental law. Some of these courses are: New Issues in Security Course at the Geneva Centre for Security Policy (2007), Switzerland; the UNOCHA course on Civil Military Cooperation at Bangkok in 2014; and, International Diploma in Humanitarian Assistance, Barcelona, Spain.

    Col. Pillay was a member of Advisory committee for Commemoration of the First War with Pakistan (Oct 1947-Dec 1948). He is a regular strategic affairs commentator on Indian Radio and Television. His publications include:

    Applying Human Security in the Indian Context, Strategic Analysis, 2016.

    Wrong Weapons in Wrong hands: Ensure compliance with readiness, CBW Magazine, 2015.

    Affordable Health Care for All: A review of the health care scenario in India, Perspectives: Annual Journal of the Vivekananda International Foundation [forthcoming]