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  • Adarsha Verma

    Research Fellow
    +91 11 2671 7983

    Colonel Adarsha Verma joined IDSA as Research Fellow in August 2016. He is an Artillery Officer with a rich experience in Counter Insurgency Operations. He was an Instructor-in-Gunnery at the School of Artillery, Devlali. Recently, the officer was deployed in United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) where he served for one year as a Deputy Sector Commander. The officer has served in Military Operations (MO) and in the Weapons and Equipment (WE) Directorate in Army Headquarters, where he was handling procurement of defence equipment for the Artillery. Col. Verma has Masters degreesin: Weapon Technology (Pune University); Defence and Strategic Studies (Madras University); and Management Studies (Osmania University). He has carried out research work on topics related to “Surprise and Deception in the Army” and “Net-Centric Warfare”. As part of his research fellowship (study leave), the officer is pursuing research on “Indo-Japan Security Cooperation: Dynamics and Prospects in a Regional Context”.

    Select Publications

    • India should take the lead in forming an overarching security quad along with Australia, Japan and the US in the Indo-Pacific region.

      July 18, 2017
      IDSA Comments
    • Events of July 2016 have shattered the progress towards peace in South Sudan. The international community needs to put in more efforts to ensure that leaders of warring factions fulfill their commitments for a peaceful future for the people of South Sudan.

      Africa Trends
    • While the highlight of the visit was the signing of the nuclear agreement, other agreements signed will continue the rising trajectory in the strategic, economic, political and security partnership between the two countries

      November 18, 2016
      IDSA Comments
    • The indication by Defence Minister Tomomi Inada post her visit to South Sudan that security conditions are conducive for an increase in SDF roles points to a pragmatic outlook and mature understanding of Japan’s role in international issues.

      October 18, 2016
      IDSA Comments