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  • Adil Rasheed

    Research Fellow
    +91 11 2671 7983

    Dr. Adil Rasheed joined MP-IDSA as Research Fellow in August 2016. Before that, he was researcher and political commentator in various international think tanks and media organizations for over 17 years, both in the United Arab Emirates and India. He was Senior Research Fellow at the United Services Institution of India (USI) for two years from 2014 to 2016, where he still holds the honorary title of Distinguished Fellow. He was Researcher at the UAE’s premier think tank The Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research (ECSSR) for eight years (2006-14), where, in addition to research and publishing several papers and articles, he interviewed many distinguished international leaders such as former US Secretary of State Leon Panetta, former Prime Minister of Malaysia Tun Mahathir Mohamed, Nobel laureate Muhammad Yunus, the first Executive Chairman of UNMOVIC in Iraq Hans Blix, former NATO Chief Jaap de Hoop Scheffer, etc.

    Dr. Rasheed is the author of the book ISIS: Race to Armageddon (2015), which explored the so-called Islamic State’s origins, ideology, vision, mission, organization, administration, military strengths and weaknesses, warfare, global outreach, recruitment and the international response to the challenge it poses. The book also covered the implications for India’s security as regards the growing malicious influence of this jihadist group. The first book on the subject from India, it has been a huge draw internationally and is currently available on Amazon and Kindle. Dr. Rashid has also co-edited the book Indian Ocean Region: Emerging Strategic Cooperation, Competition and Conflict Scenarios. Published by the USI in 2015, this book focuses on growing India-China competition in the quest for strategic control of the world’s third largest ocean, emerging scenarios and recommendations for India’s maritime policies. Dr. Rashid is also the author ofthe seminal research paper ‘Countering the Threat of Radicalization: Theories, Programme and Challenges’ published in the Journal of Defense Studies (April-May 2016).

    His publications include:

    Select Publications

    • Unlike other parts of the Muslim world, spanning North Africa to Southeast Asia, that have remained under the theological and cultural influence of Arabia, India has been able to develop its own versions of Islam and holds its own against West Asian influences.

      August 31, 2020
      Issue Brief
    • The internal and external situation on the first anniversary of the historic revocation of the special status of Jammu and Kashmir appears assuring, even as the need for safeguarding the initial gains calls for sustained efforts.

      August 04, 2020
      IDSA Comments
    • Scholars from various academic disciplines have attempted to explain the nature and drivers of the 21st century sui generis phenomenon of radicalization. However, it is rare to find a single book which not only details and builds on the body of work in this still evolving field but also sheds fresh insight into the many unresolved issues that demand fresh perspectives and approaches.

      Strategic Analysis
    • The COVID-19 crisis would severely impact the four countries at the social, political, economic and humanitarian levels, as these states were already facing multi-vector exigencies at the time of the pandemic’s outbreak.

      April 21, 2020
      IDSA Comments
    • Research Fellow, IDSA, Dr. Adil Rasheed’s article on radicalization, titled ‘The Phenomenon of Youth Radicalization’ has been published in Toronto-based newspaper ‘Weekly Voice’ on November 15, 2019.

      Many social scientists and activists have pointed out that young individuals coming from ultra-orthodox and conservative households generally have a hard time navigating their way in a society built on liberal values, writes Dr. Rasheed.

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      November 15, 2019
      IDSA News
    • The possibility of total decimation of ISIS gives the world an opportunity to take the fight against global terror to several localised jihadist groups operating across the world, before they forge new cross-continental alliances and give rise to a larger terror conglomerate.

      November 05, 2019
      IDSA Comments
    • Research Fellow, IDSA, Dr Adil Rasheed’s paper on resurgence of ISIS titled 'Resurgent ISIS: Threat to South Asia' has been published in the November-December 2019 edition India Foundation Journal.

      Far from being vanquished in Iraq and Syria, ISIS is said to be staging resurgence through a 'capable insurgency”, writes Dr. Rasheed.

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      November 04, 2019
      IDSA News
    • Research Fellow, IDSA, Dr. Adil Rasheed’s article on the killing of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has been published in the leading Hindi daily ‘Hindustan’ on October 29, 2019.

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      October 29, 2019
      IDSA News
    • The menace of terrorism has existed for centuries, but its modern, transnational version has ‘metastasized’ to the extent of threatening global peace and security. In 1975, security expert Brian Jenkins observed: ‘Terrorists want a lot of people watching and not a lot of people dead.’

      Strategic Analysis
    • Research Fellow, IDSA, Dr Adil Rasheed’s article on ISIS in India, titled ‘India was of little value to ISIS. That’s all set to change now’ has been published by ‘The Print’ on May 22, 2019.

      The article claims that global jihadist organisations like ISIS and al-Qaeda now believe they have a more ready audience in India for their brand of radicalisation.

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      May 22, 2019
      IDSA News