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Managing the 3Ms of Military Readiness

Lt Gen Harinder Singh, Retd, is Former DGMI and Commandant IMA. He has tenanted several important command and staff assignments in the Indian Army. The author can be contacted at harinder41[at]
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  • January 28, 2011

    Money, manpower and material (3Ms) determine a state's capacity to leverage its hard power for fulfilling its national security objectives. A deficiency in any of these elements could create a structural imbalance and impact the development of desired capabilities, and in turn, the desired levels of military readiness. This issue brief focuses on the significance of three important elements of readiness, namely, money, manpower and material, and broadly outlines an approach for their efficacious management in the future. The author argues that each factor plays a crucial role in the operational and structural readiness of the armed forces, and more importantly in concert with each other for delivery of readiness needs. However, in the Indian context, there is often a tendency to evaluate them in isolation and draw conclusions that might not be holistic in addressing the military's readiness needs.

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