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  • Cooperative Security Framework for South Asia

    Cooperative Security Framework for South Asia
    Publisher: Pentagon Press
    ISBN 978-81-8274-705-0
    Price: ₹. 995/- Purchase Download E-copy

    About the Book

    This volume brings together views of some of the most eminent scholars and security analysts from South Asia on the challenges and prospects of a cooperative security framework (CSF) in the region. The objective of the volume is to generate debate on CSF and forge a consensus on the issue at the Track-II level. The contributions critically analyse such frameworks in different regions and explore whether it is possible and practicable in the South Asian region. Despite strong historical and cultural linkages the region has been suffering from underdevelopment due to lack of cooperation and cohesive policy. The region is also vulnerable to serious non-traditional security threats in future. There is an urgent need for countries to overcome mutual suspicion and mistrust, and work towards the evolution of a cooperative security framework which is both strong and binding.


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      Part-I Towards A Cooperative Security Framework for South Asia: Conceptual Issues

    1. Strategic Architecture in South Asia: Some Conceptual Parameters
      -- S. D. Muni
    2. New Opportunities for Populous Asia
      -- Shahid Javed Burki
    3. Cooperative Security Framework in South Asia: A Bangladeshi Perspective
      -- Farooq Sobhan
    4. Does South Asia Need a Regional Security Architecture?
      -- Smruti S. Pattanaik and Nihar Nayak
    5. Cooperative Security in South Asia: An Elusive Dream Need of the Hour?
      -- Mahwish Hafeez
    6. Part-II Security Challenges for South Asia: Country Perspectives

    7. Prospects of Cooperative Security Framework for Afghanistan
      -- Mohammad Daoud Sultanzoy
    8. Cooperative Security Framework for South Asia: A Sri Lankan Perspective
      -- W. I. Siriweera and Sanath de Silva
    9. Maritime Security Cooperation in South Asia: A Maldivian Perspective
      -- Ahmed Shaheed
    10. Cooperative Security in South Asia and Nepal’s Security Concerns
      -- Rajan Bhattarai
    11. Part-III Cooperation in Non-traditional Security

    12. Economic Development and Regional Integration in South Asia
      -- Dushni Weerakoon
    13. Should India and Pakistan Look Beyond IWT: Why and How?
      -- Shaista Tabassum
    14. Climate Change as a Security Issue: A Case Study of Bhutan
      -- Chhimi Dorji
    15. Non-Traditional Security Issues in Afghanistan
      -- Saifullah Ahmadzai
    16. A Cooperative Security Framework: Environment and Climate Change
      -- P. K. Gautam
    17. Water Issues in South Asia: Is Cooperative Security Plausible?
      -- Medha Bisht
    18. Part-IV The Way Ahead

    19. A Consensus Document

    Notes on Contributors

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