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Hemant Gaur asked: Why there is no separate Special Operations Command in the Indian armed forces?

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  • Vivek Chadha replies: The in principle requirement of a Special Forces Command has been acknowledged by the armed forces on a number of occasions. However, the decision to create one is linked with the next step in jointness required to be taken. This does not only include the Special Forces Command but also the Aero-Space Command and Cyber Command as part of the functional commands needed to enhance military effectiveness of the armed forces and the country.

    There is little doubt that the creation of a structure like Special Forces Command will enhance the capability, cohesion and vision needed to ensure improved effectiveness. However, since this is likely to be a strategic tool, its implications have to be thought through in terms of command and control, force application, capability creation and structuring. This may possibly be the reason for the time that has been taken to seek clarity on its need and eventual employment thereafter.

    Posted on June 25, 2018