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Narendra Patil asked: How will it help India if it gets a permanent seat in the Security Council?

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  • Satish Nambiar replies: Securing a permanent seat on the UN Security Council would be an acknowledgement of India's status not only as a founder member of the United Nations, but as a country that has worked hard over the years to promote the ideals enshrined in the UN Charter, including in the maintenance of international peace and security by the unreserved provision of peacekeepers (military, police and civilian) for various missions undertaken by the UN. It would also be an acknowledgement of the vital leadership role that India has played over the years in the non-aligned movement, and as a significant representative of the developing world in other forums. Furthermore, it would be an acknowledgement of the fact that India has an increasing role to play in the international arena in the years to come, in context of its large population, growing economic clout, a huge and attractive market, and as a military power of some significance at the regional and global level.

    Having stated that, it may be relevant to stress that such a development is not going to take place in the immediate future. For all the rhetoric their leaders and representatives indulge in, the current permanent members are not all that keen to see an increase of membership in the permanent category. And a large number of countries are active as “spoilers” in the knowledge that while they themselves have no chance of securing permanent membership on the UN Security Council, they would not like to see some other countries, who have better claims and chances, secure the permanent membership on the Council either.

    To that extent, it would be prudent not to lose any sleep over this prospect.