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Yoginder Rangi asked: Pls tell me the books name which introduce me Bangladesh histrocial background

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  • Smruti S. Pattanaik replies: List of Books on the History of Bangladesh:

    • Ronouq Jahan, Bangladesh: Problem of integration
    • Sufia Uddin, Constructing Bangladesh
    • Talukdar Moniruzzaman, Group interest and Political change
    • Bernard Hours, Islam amd development in Bangladesh
    • Lawrence Ziring, “Bangladesh: From Mujib to Zia”, (Dhaka: UPL, 1992
    • Anthony Mascarenhas, “Bangladesh: A Legacy of Blood”, (Dunton Green: Hodder and Stoughton, 1986
    • M.G.Kabir and Shaukat Hassan, “Issues and Challenges facing Bangladesh foreign policy, 1989, Bangladesh society of International Studies, Dhaka
    • Emajuddin Ahmed, Military Rule and the Myth of Democracy”, (Gatidhara, Dhaka, 2000
    • Moudud Ahmed, “Bangladesh: The Era of sheikh Mujibur Rehman
    • Ali Riaz, “God Willing: The Politics and Ideology of Islam in Bangladesh”, Comparative Studies of South Asia and Middle East, vol. 23, no 1 & 2, 2003. he also has three books on similar issues.
    • Rafiuddin Ahmed ed. Religion, Nationalism and Politics in Bangladesh” (New Delhi: South Asian Publishers, 1990
    • Hiranmay Karlekar, “Bangladesh: Next Afghanistan” (Delhi: Sage, 2006)
    • J.N.Dixit, Liberation and Beyond (UPL: 1998)
    • Raifuddin Ahmed, The Bengal Muslims 1871-1906: A Quest for Identity (Delhi: Oxford University Press, 1988)
    • Anisuzzaman, Identity, Religion and Recent History: Four Lectures on Bangladesh Society (Calcutta: Naya Udyog and MAKAIAS, 1995)
    • Hasan Zaheer, Separation of East Pakistan: Rise and Realization of Bengali Muslim Nationalism (Karachi: Oxford University Press, 2001
    • Harun-or-Rahid ed., Inside Bengal Politics 1936-1947: Unpublished Correspondence of Partition Leaders (Dhaka: UPL, 2003
    • Harun or Rashid, The Foreshadowing of Bangladesh: Bengal Muslim League and Muslim Politics 1906-1947 (Dhaka: UPL, 2003)
    • Asim Roy, The Islamic syncretistic Tradition in Bengal (Dhaka: Academic Publishers, 1983
    • M.R Tarafdar, Husain Shahi Bengal, 1494-1538 AD: A Socio-Political Study (Dacca: Asiatic Society of Pakistan, 1965)
    • Rafiuddin Ahmed ed Understanding the Bengal Muslims: Interpretive Essays, (Dhaka: UPL, 2001)
    • Rangalal Sen, Political Elites in Bangladesh (Dhaka, UPL, 1986
    • Tanzeen Murshid, The Sacred and Secular: Bengali Muslim Discourses 1871-1977, (Dhaka: UPL, 1996
    • Mahfuzul H. Chowdhury ed. Thirty Years of Bangladesh Politics: Essays in Memory of Dr Mahfuzul Haq (Dhaka: UPL, 2002