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Harsha asked: What is the future of IBSA and RIC, considering these countries are also involved in BRICS?

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  • Jagannath P. Panda replies: The future of IBSA is certainly under test after the rapid emergence of BRICS. IBSA is more about 'democratic' societies and India would like to capitalize on IBSA. The Chinese have recently urged informally for a merger of IBSA with BRICS, therefore, it will remain a challenge for India and other countries on how to sustain the future of IBSA. On the other hand, RIC is a track of three countries- Russia, India and China - who are involved in BRICS alliance as well. RIC is now working more as a second fiddle to BRICS. Though the significance of RIC has eroded substantially given the rise and prominence of BRICS, still the three neighbouring countries- Russia, India and China- would like to continue and sustain the RIC framework to discuss greater regional issues which are outside the purview of BRICS.

    For more on the subject, please refer to my following IDSA publication:

    Jagannath P. Panda, "China and IBSA: Possible BRICS Overreach?", Strategic Analyses, 37 (3), May 2013, pp. 299-304.