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Akhila Reddy Asked: What are the advantages if India becomes a member of the NSG?

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  • S. Samuel C. Rajiv replies: The 48-member NSG is a key multi-lateral body regulating nuclear trade. India is one of the few countries outside the NSG that has ‘full-cycle’ expertise on nuclear technology. The NSG would therefore be strengthened if a country with the capabilities of India, which intends to take part in international nuclear commerce, is admitted. India’s membership will formalise its entry into a body that was established in response to the 1974 PNE. Given that the NSG has already approved the India-specific waiver in September 2008, admitting India in the backdrop of its long-standing and impeccable non-proliferation credentials would strengthen norms that incentivise good non-proliferation behaviour and vice-versa.

    For further information and the debate surrounding India and NSG membership, please refer to the following IDSA publications:

    G. Balachandran, “India and NSG: Approaches to Indian Membership”, IDSA Issue Brief, May 23, 2013.
    Rajiv Nayan, “India’s NSG Membership”, IDSA Comment, June 18, 2011.