Lahore Court asks authorities not to restrict movements of A.Q. Khan; Saudi King advises Musharraf to render ‘unconditional apology’ for ‘unjust’ acts during his tenure as president; PML-N relents on the issue of 17th amendment
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  • The Lahore High Court suspended the security protocol accorded to the notorious nuclear smuggler A.Q. Khan and asked authorities not to restrict his movements. It added that Khan was a free man who can go where ever he wants to go1.

    Saudi authorities meanwhile urged the Pakistani government to follow the agreement which did not allow action against former presidents2. During Musharraf’s visit to Saudi Arabia, reports noted that King Abdullah advised him to render an ‘unconditional apology’ for unjust acts during his tenure as president3. He however failed to convince Saudi leaders to ensure clemency for him.

    In domestic developments, the PML-N relented on the issue of de-linking the 17th amendment with the constitutional reforms package and accepted that all amendments would be part of a “single comprehensive constitutional amendment package4.”

    The Minister for Religious Affairs, Hamid Saeed Kazmi survived an attack by two men armed with pistols in Islamabad on September 2. His driver was killed in the incident5.

    At least 16 police men were killed and 5 injured in a suicide bomb attack on a police station in Mingora on August 30. 43 militants were also reportedly killed in Bara in Peshawar on September 5 during Operation ‘Bia Daraghlam6.’