Hu for dialogue and exchanges to forge constructive bilateral relations with US; 18 ETIM terrorists arrested in the year
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  • President Hu Jintao met the visiting US President George Bush on the sidelines of the Olympic Games. Hu expressed his interest to forge bilateral relations with the US in a constructive manner and called for dialogue and exchanges to enhance understanding and mutual trust between the two countries1. Hu also reiterated that Beijing would not change its stance on the critical Taiwan issue2. President Bush had earlier criticized the Chinese government’s track record on human rights in a speech at Bangkok.

    Reports indicated that eight terrorists who had carried out series of explosions in Xinjiang in the previous week had been shot dead. The terrorists, who were active in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, were involved in blasts in supermarkets, hotels and government buildings in Kuqa County, which killed security guards, policemen, and civilians3. Xinhua further reported that police had arrested 18 members of the East Turkistan Islamic Movement (ETIM)4.

    A series of publications, “The History of China’s Science and Technology,” edited by the Institute of the History of Science at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, were released. The Chinese version, “Science and Civilization in China,” was first written in the 1950s by the British scholar Joseph Needham5. These compositions were intended to highlight the scientific achievements of the Chinese since ancient times.